About this site

The pages that make up this site are simply bits of plasterboard that cover the yawning abyss on the other side. So please tread both lightly and carefully least you plunge through to the horrors below.

When I develop anything, I do so on my local machine. Before I put anything live, I test out bits on this (remote) site. That is the only reason it exists. During a moment of idleness (I like moments of idleness), I decided that I may as well have a bit of a site here rather just the providers (one.com) default page. All sorts of out-of-date junk and partially completed lumps of code are silently undergoing binary decomposition and bit-rot under the covers of these pristine pages.

The site probably won't work properly on anything other than later browsers. If it does not work on your browser, please don't contact me to fix it because;

a) Supporting out of date browsers for this site is just not important to me, and

b) As it says in the first line, this site is just a lump of plasterboard hiding a boring but functional utilitarian resource.

© Peter Garlick 2012, 2013.
Made in London 1666 whilst waiting for some bread to bake.
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Last updated 2013-09-29.
This site is almost graphically richer than a 3277 model 2.