I am a relic of a past age from whence huge blue computing dinosaurs roamed a vast savannah of punch cards. A time when assembler was still a living, spoken language and the punch rooms primary function was generating (in equal measure) parties, fun, and a goodly number of divorces. Sadly all progress has its price.

Prior to these wasted years in industry, I had a very early exit from school after being brow-beaten into becoming an apprentice. A more soul destroying experience does not exist.

Anyway, having decided that stupidity was the better part of boredom, I gave that 'career path' an appropriate salute before escaping to do lots of stuff with my bass guitar for a much better (financial rather than moral) return. I also did lots of other stuff too before life with wife and sprogs made possession of a regular income and a moral compass more of an imperative.

I now live in the warmer and drier part of England with my pet north-western accent and a wife who has a very posh southern accent. Sometimes we even manage to understand what the other is saying. (Language only of course as no one has yet cracked the male/female understanding conundrum)

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