Stuff wot I 'ave done.

Bassist with lots and lots of bands in lots and lots of studios and on lots and lots of stages.

LX engineering along with a bit of sound stuff while attempting not to blind* or deafen* anyone, wobbled around the sky sat in the pointy bit while piloting various aircraft and attempting not to be a hazard, visiting many places in the world lecturing, and of course, done the odd bit of coding and project management. I have also IPL'd three sprogs, as well as amending their microcode as required during the various formative parts of their lives.

I enjoy tinkering with things, so I decided to learn about PIC Chips and basic electronics. Electronics seems just like programming but using lumpy bits instead of code. For a bit of fun I decided to build some large LED DMX controlled lights for stage use in the hobby band I was in at the time. However, to say that they generated a bit of radio interference would be like saying that the Titanic scratched its paint work on an ice cube. They and the Titanic now share a similar fate.

Finally, just in case you have noticed the wobbly navigation links, the concept was based on my DIY skills. Everything that I build or mend ends up as wobbly as the nav links so they seemed quite fitting.

* may not be strictly true.

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