Stuff that I do.

Hmmm. Well, I code up and maintain a few low-profile websites. I also do a bit of ad-hoc programming (BAL, COBOL, CICS, MQ, C, Java, JavaScript, PHP SQL etc, etc) for various companies should the subject matter and level of renumeration interest me enough.

Until very recently, I was a volunteer at a charity that deals with people in distress, and that in turn got me interested in counselling - so I took some training.

I am also a volunteer gofer at the local hospital - and this despite an history of accidently injuring myself on dangerous stuff like cotton wool and elastoplast. Fortunately for everyone concerned, the worst damage I can do in this role is to drop a file, suffer a paper-cut, or subject myself and others to a stapler misfire.

Hobby wise I am learning how to play the piano. Luckily I am comfortable dealing with distressed people, and I get to hone this skill each week on my (by then) traumatised piano tutor at the end of my lesson. He does however become very calm once his barely intelligible rants about silk purses and sow's ears degenerate through the helpless sobbing stage before finally reaching the laying comatose face down on his piano stage.

Oh yes .... I also still do a bit of bass session work, drink beer, and eat curries - although not all at the same time 'cos it can ruin the quite expensive bass strings.

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